MINI elements – Wooden panels

    • This means you get: external walls, insulated and with wooden cladding, bearing internal walls included as raw material, roof construction / Rafters.
    • Optional on request: transport and installation. The internal planning can be modified. In case of minor changes, the price of the house remains the same. If you wish to build according to your own project, we can calculate an individual offer based on your drawings.
    • Due to fixed panel dimensions, we’ll be able to produce your house in a very short time. And because the elements are small, they’ll be easy to ship not only all over continental Europe, but also to islands, using containers.
  • Insulated wall elements (MINI ELEMENTS)
  • Wooden cladding UYVk 18×145 Spruce AB – horizontal
  • Wind barrier TYVEK or RIWEGA
  • Timber construction KVH C24 / 40x100mm with cc 600mm interval
  • 100mm insulation ROCKWOOL / SUPERROCK
  • 12mm OSB Plates